Deep Shredder 12 UCI chess GUI Pc Espanol

no lo quise traducir con el traductor pero si les gusta esta en espanol el juego
Languages: espanol
Size: 35.6 MB

You get:
-the latest Shredder graphic user interface (GUI)
-32-bit and 64-bit Deep Shredder 12 UCI chess engines
-several other custom Shredder engines
-Shredder 12 opening book
-working keys

-unpack the .7z file with 7-zip
-run the setup file and follow instructions

This is *NOT* the Chessbase package!? It comes direct from and uses a custom chess GUI designed especially for UCI chess engines. (It also accepts Winboard and some other engines.)

Compatible with:
-Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and 7 (including W7x64)
-single or multi-core/multiple processors
-32-bit or 64-bit systems

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